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After shave balm care of the sensitive face skin after shaving, soothes and softens. The extracted extracts eliminate redness of the skin and disinfect small injuries.

After shaving Sandalwood takes care of the male skin, softens it and at the same time soothes irritation and disinfects minor injuries. A gentle formula provides the skin with essential nutrients and keeps it healthy.

Wild Utah soothes and disinfects the wild Utah, refreshing you with spicy sharp tones. Due to its fine composition, it is especially suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

The wild shaving liquid of the state of Utah is excellent for sensitive skin with a tendency to allergies. This helps to shave the beard, protects the skin from irritation and at the same time takes care of it.

Gel for shaving care moisturizes, refreshes and softens oily skin, promotes the renewal of skin cells and protects the skin from premature aging.

Balm for men cares about shaving, moisturizes and promotes natural regeneration to protect against premature wrinkles.

Mint balm after shaving refreshes the skin and through a combination of Shea butter, vegetable oils and extracts nourishes and protects him from irritation and dryness.

After shaving, Homme Cafein & Acai strengthens and soothes the newly shaved skin due to the high content of extracts of coffee beans and acai. Moderate irritation, slightly softening the skin.

Homme Aloe Shaving Water revitalizes and soothes the newly shaved skin thanks to the high content of extracts of aloe vera and tea leaves. Aloe is especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Herbal oils for / after shaving Luxury Israeli brands Faran also for very sensitive skin. A mixture of vegetable and essential oils softens the beard before shaving, also cares for the skin, soothes and heals.

Soothing after shaving liquid Luxury Israeli brands Faran is suitable even for very sensitive skin. A special mixture of herbs and essential oils refreshes the skin, gives it moisture and soothes irritation after shaving.

After shave lotion gives you energy and instant feeling refreshed thanks to revitalizujícímu caffeine and extracts from ginkgo biloby. Immediately soothes the skin and helps to minimize possible irritations.

After Shaving Balm Logg a man with ginkgo and caffeine will stimulate your senses with his spicy aroma of rare trees and herbs. At the same time, nourish and soothe skin irritation after shaving.

€14.10 €15.67 -10%

Shaving cream for men, taking care of the specific needs of the skin, soothes it while shaving and protects from irritation and redness. Cream in one step, nourishes, softens and disinfects.

€16.50 €18.34 -10%

The gentle soothing balm after shaving regenerates the skin thanks to its oil content of the cabin's taman. The skin is refined, soothing, protected from the appearance of small inflammation and also receives the necessary hydration.

Cream-like cream after shaving gently cleans and tones your face after shaving. Nutritional composition balm not only calms the skin, but nourishes and softens.

After shaving, the skin refreshes and disinfects the skin, helping to shave better. Due to the content of plant extracts, water has excellent disinfectant and adsting effects.

Natural shaving cream containing Dead Sea minerals.

A refreshing cream for relaxing and calming the skin after shaving.

Men's after-shave face care - soothing, 24hr hydration 
All skin types, including sensitive skin

Men's shaving gel - thick and creamy foam 
For all skin types, including sensitive skin.