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Toothpaste gently cleans teeth, effectively removes plaque and prevents tooth decay. Gentle, teeth whitening shining shade of recreating ingredients and essential oils will guarantee fresh breath.

Aromatic toothpaste gums and teeth for strengthens the help to join the seven essential oils. Those combined with green clay Green Clay and the entire oral cavity are reliably disinfected and intensified.

Toothpaste with sage and green clay helps to balance the acidic environment in the mouth, which is the common cause of tooth decay. It strengthens tooth enamel and is a great prevention against periodontal disease.

Toothpaste, suitable for homeopathic preparations, prevents the development of caries due to quality natural ingredients, effectively prevents the formation of tartar and adds fresh air throughout the day.

Toothpaste with coconut oil and an extract of aloe vera or stevia perfectly cleanses the teeth and strengthens the gums and because you have a wonderful natural refreshing breath.

Wood charcoal paste, sea salt and a number of herb extracts will relieve your teeth from unwanted pigment, strengthen them and at the same time take care of the gums that protect against periodontal disease.

Pasta with extracts and oils from northern herbs and berries gently cleanses the teeth and strengthens them. At the same time, it is pleasantly refreshing to breathe and protect gums against inflammation. Without fluoride.

Toothpaste with extracts from polar herbs helps restore damaged enamel and generally strengthens it. At the same time, he also takes care of your gums and refreshes your breath.

Pasta from northern grasses, calcium and salts from volcanic sources kamčatských perfectly cleans teeth, strengthens tooth enamel and pleasantly freshens breath.

Toothpaste with white clay, sea salt and extracts from the northern herbs, completely get rid of the plaque and pigmentation, such as coffee or tea. At the same time, strengthens the gums and refreshes the breath.

Whitening toothpaste with propolis removes surface discoloration of teeth and restores natural whiteness without damaging the enamel. It takes care of the oral cavity, it strengthens the tooth enamel and refreshes the breath.

Toothpaste with Siberian salt, sea-buckthorn oil and herbal extracts takes care of the entire oral cavity, strengthens the teeth and gums. In addition, mint or sage leaves fresh breath.

The base of toothpaste with cedar oil is a clove leaf extract along with five natural waxes. Thanks to this powerful combination, the paste not only cleans the teeth, but also takes care of the oral cavity, but also strengthens the teeth.

Pasta with lemon oil and green tea cares for the entire oral cavity, strengthens the tooth enamel, strengthens the gums and protects leaves a pleasantly fresh breath.

Refreshing toothpaste gently cleans teeth and, thanks to the content of Siberian brine, prevents odor from the mouth and reduces inflammation. A carefully selected combination of plant extracts and oils effectively strengthens teeth and gums.

A tender toothpaste with vitamins contains herbal extracts, takes care of the whole oral cavity and leaves a pleasant revival. In addition, the paste, thanks to yarrow or St. John's wort, helps to relieve toothache.

Toothpaste containing propolis and mineral salts helps to restore the natural color of the glass and take care of the health of the entire oral cavity.

A rich in mineral toothpaste, including fluoride, strengthens tooth enamel, as well as gums and pleasantly refreshes the breath thanks to natural orange perfume.

Toothpaste provides complete care for sensitive teeth and gums. Moderate irritation, helps to treat minor inflammation and protects the entire oral cavity.

Dental gel without a triple effect of fluoride removes plaque, whitens teeth naturally and strengthens the gums. Keeps the mouth fresh, protects teeth against caries and the appearance of minor inflammation.

Toothpaste with natural effective ingredients neatly but thoroughly cleans teeth and prevents the formation of tartar. It is designed specifically for sensitive teeth and reduces their sensitivity.

Toothpaste with xylitol and aloe extract or licorice perfectly cleans teeth, strengthens and protects against caries and stones. It is also great for teeth sensitive to heat stimuli.

Mixing toothpaste with propolis, sage and stalk gently cleans teeth, protects the gums from periodontal disease, freshens breath. In addition, it removes unwanted color from coffee or tea.

Tooth-paste without peppermint gently cleans the teeth, removes unwanted stains and protects them from tooth decay. At the same time, thanks to the contained sage, he refreshes his breath.

Dental gel with extracts of aloe vera or chamomile gently cleans sensitive teeth, soothes gums and, thanks to the essential oils of mint, pleasantly refreshes the breath.

Herbal bioinformatic toothpaste Silix with an increased content of colloidal silicon positively affects the mineralization and strength of tissues, promotes tooth regeneration and care of good oral cavity.

Herbal toothpaste White diamond with a pleasant taste of cinnamon lemon gently cleans teeth and protects the oral cavity with herbal extracts. It guarantees maximum cleansing effect and fresh breath.

Balsamio bio-information toothpaste gently cleans teeth and acts as a refreshing complex oral care. Due to the increased content of essential oils and thermal water, it has a high energy potential.

Toothpaste with Echinacea takes care of healthy teeth, while sea salt removes plaque. Echinacea and propolis, they strengthen your teeth and gums.

The content of plant extracts cares about the health of teeth, while sea salt removes plaque. Sodium fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and mint adds a fresh taste.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth containing the plant extracts concerns about the health of the teeth, while sea salt gently cleans and removes plaque. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and menthol will provide fresh breath.