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The Centauri centaur will help you say no. this will help you to stand on your own feet and overcome your own shyness. Energize and get rid of guilt.

Alycha helps in attacks of hysteria and fury. Positive impact on negative thoughts and moods.

Beech forest brings, understanding and compassion. It is designed for all those who feel the need to see more good and beauty in everything around you.

Agrimony Rape Medication is designed for those who happily hide their inner anxiety. For moments of loneliness, when the party ended.

Grab helps against fatigue on Monday morning, perpetual procrastination and tightening important things. Adds excitement and strips doubts back with a clear head, vitality and joy.

The negative influence of the elm is temporary and affects the exhaustion fatigue and overwhelming responsibility in people who all rule. Essence regains self-confidence and strength.

The essence of Beck Clematis is intended for the spirit of the absent person, helps to return to the earth and promotes concentration of the mind. Grounds in the present and in fact.

The planted apple helps to harmonize the state of hatred and purifies the body and soul. He overcomes hatred towards his person and regulates possession by excessive purity, order or detail.

Chestnut Chestnut bud Bud helps to change stereotyped behavior and avoid constantly recurring mistakes. Learn from past mistakes and takes our thinking forward.

Mustard helps in acute depression that people will fall from nowhere, like a cloud of clear sky, for no apparent reason. Mustard restores joy, it gives inner stability and peace.

Gentians are skepticism, pessimism, despondency and pochybovačnost. Helps in mild depression and small trouble, the courage in recovery.

acts on irritability, nervousness, irritation, excitement, extinguishes the rage of anger, soothes, strengthens patience. Helps hyperactive and neglected children.

Scottish heather is indicated for people who are absolutely engaged in themselves each other, obsessed with their problems and concerns. Let another word, because no one is interested.

Cerato supplies energy and strength in decision-making. This reduces indecisiveness and helps without courage to defend one's own decision.

Chicory brings selfless love. Preceding treatment, salvation, corrects the lack of love and emotional dependence.

This essence helps to neutralize the effects of shock and trauma, whether mental or physical. The essence of a quiet and very effective grief survived after the death of a loved one.

Edible chestnut is suitable for extreme mental anxiety, for absolute hopelessness, when a person feels that he has already reached the limit of tolerance. It is suitable for situations of severe depression and loneliness.

The essence of verbena is suitable for excessive enthusiasts and fanatical adherents and idealists who want to remake the world in their image and likeness, thereby losing a lot of energy and often switching.

Walnut helps to cope with changes in life and external influences. Walnut facilitates adaptation to new living conditions, helping to break away from old connections and habits.

It is used for rage that falls into hate. He acts on feelings of jealousy and indignation, extinguishes negative feelings and states of mind. He unites us with love and opens our hearts.

Chestnut helps stop the cycle of unwanted thoughts and speculation. White chestnut gives inner peace, control over thoughts and often leads to easier solutions to problems.

Honeysuckle confirms those who nostalgically stumble in the past. Helps homelessness when moving or in the case of a close relative or long-term separation.

Wines will teach people to use leadership skills, not controlling others. It is suitable for people who do not take into account the opinions of others and behave despotically.

Esence Wild Rose adds new interest to the outside world, suitable for people who are apathetic and reconciled to life, capitulated inside the country. The essence adds a new positive interest.

Pine helps mainly without remorse. It gives the opportunity to pass from passivity to self-accusing thoughts of active responsibility. Help on feelings of guilt, sebevýčitky and lack of selfishness.

The essence of oak is intended for strong and ruthless persons who constantly ignores its fatigue, illnesses and ailments. Allows you to relax, suffers from depression or disappointment. Restores the natural essence of strength and endurance.

Red chestnut is an entity that helps to neutralize our fears. He focuses primarily on fear of our closest and exaggerated fears and concern for one's health.

Healing water helps to relax from the rigid grasp of the dogmas of exaggerated claims to each other, contributes to greater flexibility and adaptability and, above all, to inner freedom.

Olives restore strength, vitality and interest in life. This allows detecting warning signals to avoid unnecessary switching. It is suitable for recovery, it helps to prevent the fall of insomnia.

Chmerek is the essence that is suitable for indecisive and indecisive people, especially when it comes to a double choice. Chemerik gives decisiveness and serenity, the ability to act quickly. It also helps in traveling discomforts.

great hopelessness, in moments when you feel that nothing will help. It helps to heal and add new hope.

Willow will supply optimism, the ability to forgive and forget the past of injustice, responsible and constructive thinking. It is designed for the bitter, embittered and wounded person.

People like the frog do not like to open people, they often feel superior, they find it difficult to establish contacts. This essence helps to find warmer relationships with others.

Sexual Lust / Libido is suitable for those who are experiencing a temporary period of boring sex and are afraid to worry about sex or do not feel their needs. It helps to restore the erotic desire and taste

Concentration of essence / Concentration is suitable for those who are inattentive, dreaming, distracting, distracted. Helps to improve and improve memory or attract attention.

Sleep is suitable for those who hardly fall asleep or suffer from restless sleep. Its use helps restore healthy, calm and complete sleep.

Essence Senior / Seniors is suitable for those who have lost their passion and desire for life. It helps to return to life, enjoy and enjoy moments of presence.

Essence Teenager - a teenager who feels inadequate, rejects authority, is often upset, nervous or unfaithful. This helps to build trust and engage in society.

Essence First Aid / Urgency is suitable for those who encounter or experience shock, pain, grief or overcome sudden problems. This immediately causes a calming effect.

The essence of the decision / decision is suitable for those who have lost and uncertain. Helps clear and clarify the idea of the world.

The essence of fear / fear is suitable for those who are suffering from the anxiety of the idea of presence or terror in the future. It helps to get rid of feelings of anxiety, fear and terror.

The essence of self-knowledge / release is suitable for those who feel the slaves of their thoughts and thoughts. This helps get rid of fixed ideas and reveal your own mind.

The essence of communication / communication is suitable for those who do not have the courage to express themselves. Helps provide an opportunity to express their opinions and feelings.

Essences for women / suitable for women who suffer from hormonal imbalance and prefer a natural solution. Helps alleviate the difficulties associated with hormonal imbalance.

The essence of addiction dependence is suitable for those who wish to get rid of harmful and kompulzivních habits and addictions. Helps stop, feeling the desire for their bad habits and addictions.

Essence Exhaustion / Exhaustion is suitable for those who feel completely exhausted and overworked. It helps to restore energy and enthusiasm every day.

Essence Depression is suitable for those who feel depressed, depressed, moody and hypersensitive. It causes unpleasant feelings and thoughts, soothes and harmonizes the mind. Helps to avoid the tunnel of depression.

The essence of Self-confidence is good for those who do not trust and do not suffer from shyness, caution and excessive shyness. It helps to find your own values, self-confidence and provide your strength and courage.

Essence Stress / Anti-Stress is suitable for those who are under pressure, nervous, stressed or hyperactive. This essence of Bach helps restore calm and calm.

The essence of anger / conflict is suitable for those who feel enraged and intolerant. This helps restore inner well-being and tranquility.