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Light beige shadows with a golden pearl will untie the natural beauty of your eyes, easily combine and care for centuries throughout the day

Metallic silver shadows with flickering will have blue and gray eyes, and they will take care of the delicate skin of their eyelids throughout the day, soften it and protect.

Light peach shades are suitable for gentle daily makeup of eyes. They have a silky texture that is well applied and also suitable for contact lens wearers.

Eyeshadow has a blue-blue hue with a light silvery flicker. Thanks to jojoba oils during the day, they take care of the delicate skin of the eyelids.

Eye shadow in a light brown shade with a light silver shimmer will be picked up by light blue and brown eyes, and during the day they will take care of the delicate skin of centuries.

Eye shades in a dark purple color with a cool shade have silvery flickering, are easily applied and will be combined mainly with brown eyes. They cover and soften the lid during the day.

Gold shadows with flicker are suitable for every color of the eyes, which they will beautifully emphasize. They contain, for example, jojoba oil, which during the day carries the skin of the lid, softens it and protects it.

Light green, green-green shadows with pearls will shine with green and gray eyes and will take care of the delicate skin of the eyelids during the day, for example, due to the mass of jojoba.

Olive green hues with silver mother pearl eye cover and evenly cover jojobovému give him olji food. This bill will mainly be brown eyes.

A cold blue-gray shade with a silver pearl will have a brown, blue and gray eye. Shadows are well applied and take care of the sensitive skin of the eyelids during the day.

Light Rose The Eye Shadow dries for centuries with a delicate pink color with a silver pearl and thanks to the mass of jojoba and other ingredients they will take care of them throughout the day.

Lilac eye shadows will cover your eyelids with a pearly pinkish-silver pearl and will take care of them throughout the day and protect them from drying out.

Silver-brown shimmering shade is especially suitable for brown eyes. They contain jojoba oil and other care products that nourish and soften the soft skin of the lid.

Shadows with a silky texture beautifully adhere to the eyelid and evenly cover it with a light brown pearl. At the same time, they take care of the mass of jojoba during the day.

Matte light beige shades are suitable for delicate eye makeup and eyelid skin care during the day. The package also includes a practical applicator and a mirror.

Metallic gray shadows with pearls are suitable for day and evening make-up of all colors and care for sensitive eyelid skin. The package also includes a practical applicator and a mirror.

Highly pigmented eye shadow in an attractive metallic silvery color look great as part of the smoky make-up, but you can also use them separately for a more natural appearance.

Mono-eye shadows with a bright gloss make your look easier on shades of purple and bronze. This shade fits all eyes and lasts perfectly all day.

Eye shadow with mineral pigments remain in perfect condition throughout the day. The shade of gray with greenish shades is good for everyone and suitable for day and night make-up.

Eye shadows with shiny blue and green tones are especially suitable for warmer months and can be used for both the moving eyelids and the original eyeliner.

A fresh peach shade of shimmering, shimmering eye shadow unites your eyelids and gives your eyes a calm appearance. A practical package keeps your wallet and the environment.

The azure blue eyeshadow looks great alone and in combination, for example, with bronze or metallic gray shades. A decent shine perfectly highlights and makes your look easier.

Eye shadow, filled with a shiny pearly-gold shade with copper tones, look great day and night. It perfectly highlights and highlights your opinion.

Silver metallic eye shades are an ideal part of smoky make-up, but they look beautiful and lonely. They have high pigmentation and long lasting endurance.

Eyeshadow, filled with elegant bright Burgundy shade, will entice you with high glitter and excellent functions. Shadows are easy to apply and long lasting in perfect condition.

in a beautiful shade of lilac blue with subtle turquoise tones - an ideal choice for a combination with neutral, as well as shades.

Mineral shadows in the form of plum shade fill linen mainly brown and green eyes. A gentle shine makes your look easier.

Blue shadows should not be taboo. Royal Blue is one of the most classic colors and looks great in combination with other shades, as well as a distinctive eye line.

The violet shade of the eye shadow in the matte texture is also available in this form of filling, which is also suitable for the bamboo palette. Thanks to this system, you save the nature and your wallet.

Intensive black shades of eyeshadow are an excellent choice for make-up of smoky eyes or eye makeup. They have high pigmentation and are easy to apply.

Olive green eyeshadow has a blue and brown color, and you can easily insert them into your original packaging or magnetic bamboo palette.

Dark, dark purple eye shadows will be selected mostly brown eyes. They are great for a more visible day make-up and also useful for making smoky makeup.

Eye shadow in a fresh, grayish-brown shade looks great and in combination with a large number of colors. Their high-quality composition does not irritate the eye area.

Eye shadow in a thin pearly white shade makes it easier for you to look and fit almost everyone. They have rich pigmentation, and thanks to quality ingredients they can last a whole day.

Eyeshadows in the form of a cartridge save the environment and your wallet. A charming, light pink shade instantly refreshes your appearance and acts very naturally.

Eye shadow with mineral pigments make your look golden reflections and look beautiful, especially in combination with brown skin. They have high pigmentation and natural composition

Light beige shadows with gentle glitter make your look easier. They are suitable for all eye colors and are suitable for single use as well as for smoke.

Eye shadow with a silky matte texture can be used in both day and evening make-up. Universal beige shade looks great alone and in combination with other colors.

Eyeshadow fill the ancient shade. A beautiful, but deeply pigmented texture allows you to make your daily make-up and does not burden the skin around the eyes.

Eye colors in a dark brown shade can be used for both day and night make-up. They are easy to use, have high pigmentation and do not burden the skin.

Beige eye shadow is good for everyone and will not be lost in any cosmetic bag. If you want to preserve nature or create your own color palette, the filling form is the perfect choice for you.

The greenish shade of the creamy eye shadow looks great on all eyes. At the same time, he can visually minimize the redness of the eyelids.

Eye shadow is filled with a thin creamy texture based on herbal ingredients. Eyeshadows do not load eyelids, it does not irritate sensitive skin, and a purple hue enhances your appearance.

Eye shadow with a soft creamy texture is easy to apply and can last in perfect condition throughout the day. Bronze and gold tones reveal the beauty of the tan skin.