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Mineral lotion with shea butter nourishes the skin of the whole body, leaving it hydrated and moisturized. Containing salts from the Dead Sea and Shi effectively take care of nutrition and recovery.

Sea water from the Dead Sea helps accelerate the treatment of herpes and the subsequent regeneration of the skin. The skin moisturizes, strengthens and enriches the ingredients necessary for a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Mineral Shower Gel is suitable for the care of dry and sensitive skin prone to skin problems. Gently cleans the skin of the whole body, which contains vegetable oils will remain after the shower, beautifully delicate.

Mineral cleansing gel for the face gently cleans the skin and gently odličuje make-up and other impurities. Contains Dead Sea salt, which helps treat inflammation and reduces the signs of skin problems.

The conditioner for hair is rich with minerals of the Dead Sea. Together with natural herbal extracts and oils from avocado and jojoba, nourishes and restores the hair and takes care of the scalp.

Relax and collect the salt salt of the Dead Sea salt with cadence. The combination of salt that secretes muscles and oils from incense that inspires the mind creates a real spa even in your bathroom.

Enjoy the relaxing and harmonizing effects that the body and mind exert on the Dead Sea salts. This sea salt is very rich in minerals, which favorably affects the condition of the problem skin.

Mineral liquid soap because of its natural composition, rich in minerals of the Dead Sea, is ideal for dry, sensitive and problematic skin prone to eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Mineral soap for dry and damaged hair due to its mild natural composition, suitable for people with problematic skin suffering from psoriasis.

Soap for a sensitive child or allergic skin gently cleanses, does not irritate and does not use it. It is suitable for psoriasis or eczema.

Shampoo for normal hair gently washes, and it can be used on a daily basis. Vegetable oils and Dead Sea Salt gently cleanses and restores hair and scalp.

Shower gel with floral aromas of jasmine pleasantly refreshes, softens and moisturizes the skin of the body. It is suitable for whole-body skin care.

Refreshing shower gel with mint and citrus aroma will stimulate your senses. Herbal cleansing base gently cleans the skin of the whole body, and does not dry out.

Shower gel with a fresh fragrance of apricot are suitable for washing hair and skin care around the body. Its natural composition is suitable for the whole family.

The orange gel gently cleanses the skin all over the body. Its fresh scent will stimulate you and set your senses

Shower gel with the scent of lavender will comfortably soothe your mind and release the body. Vegetable, washing base gently cleans the skin of the entire body, and at the same time it does not dry out.

Milk for the body with the addition of virgin coconut oil is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated.

Body milk with added virgin coconut oil and the aroma of tropical pineapple quickly absorbs and leaves the skin of the body smooth and hydrated.

Body milk with extra-virgin coconut oil and exotic smell of Tahitian gardenia is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin of the body smooth and hydrated.

Body milk with extra-virgin coconut oil and sweet pemper smell quickly absorbs and leaves the skin of the body smooth and hydrated.

Body milk with added virgin coconut oil and smoky aroma quickly absorbs and leaves the skin smooth and hydrated.

Mature skin serum for the face delivers the necessary nutrition and hydration thanks to the content of the aloe vera juice, nutritious oils and yours. The skin is so richly nourished after cleansing and also protects from premature aging.

Serum for the eyes Shingu cares for the delicate skin around the eyes, it strengthens and protects from loss of elasticity due to the high content of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Eye cream Xingu contains nutritious juice from aloe vera instead of water, which is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Thanks to a combination of juices and oils, the skin softens and protects from premature aging.

Regenerative cream intensively takes care of the needs of aging, thinning of the skin. The nutritional composition provides a mature complexion with nutrients and vitamins that stimulate the regeneration of mature skin.

A light cream for the eyes nourishes the soft skin of the eye area thanks to the high juice of aloe vera and the extracts of herbs and protects it from signs of aging.

Care for body lotions with a sensitive moisturizer for sensitive and dry skin has a distinct calming effect due to the extracts of aloe. Milk for the body soothes the skin after shaving and helps treat skin diseases.

A light cream without perfume with a high proportion of aloe vera juice provides skin hydration and promotes regeneration. Thanks to the light composition is a great help for oily scalp skin.

Neparefemny, highly aromatic juice with a high content of aloe vera is an excellent tool for sensitive skin, soothes and protects from adverse external influences.

Soft gel without washing maintains the hydration of the skin, but also its elasticity. At the same time has soothing properties and can be combined with the cream.

Nourishing cream-mask is rich in Aloe Vera juice of the skin, intensively moisturizes. Rare oils are conspicuously care and produce a light protective film that protects the skin from adverse external influences.

Intensive regeneration Care is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, susceptible to allergies and dermatitis. Gel Aloe Vera contains nutritious oils and oils that nourish and soothe the skin.

A rich thick cream with aloe vera juice gives the skin hydration and helps its regeneration. Rare argan oil and seeds and floral oils rejuvenate the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Tonic aloe vera, rosemary, hydrolátem and salycilovou acid helps to gently clean the pores, causing an antibacterial agent and at the same time regulates the production of sebum.

Protective tonic age Protection of mature skin is activated and hydrated due to the high proportion of aloe vera juice. The toning complexion perfectly soothes the skin, giving it a healthy uniform color.

Soft cleansing gel with aloe vera gel from the skin thoroughly removes dirt and makeup without drying the skin, teasing and. Soothes, softens and protects from adverse external influences.

Milk contains vegetable oils, which removes make-up and contaminants from the skin surface. Aloe moisturizer supports regeneration and other active skin substances are gently cleansed and taken care of.

Lightweight gel Aloe Vera gel pur contains pure juice of the leaves of aloe vera, complete with nutrients from the bark of the willow and rice. Juice delivers the skin and supports its natural regeneration.

Restorative care for dry skin is highlighted by deep hydration and Santaverde provides a rich diet. A light, easily absorbed cream containing a large amount of aloe juice.