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Melting Nourishing Hair Mask The horsepower provides a high professional quality of hygienic care for weakened and split hair. The mask is easily washed off and leaves a pleasant gentle smell on the hair.

Natural herbal concentrate to stimulate the activity of pentagram elements of the tree. It works through a delicate irritation of the liver, gall bladder, fat metabolism and joints. This stimulates the work of these organs or tissues. In general, it optimizes the metabolism of the animal. Bioinformation of a specific homeopathic type for this product supplements and intensifies the action of the presented medicinal plants.

Stimulates the activity of organs and tissues of the next element of fire, that is, the heart, the vascular system, the hormonal system and the small intestine.

This reduces the excess energy and hyperactivity of the previous water element, that is, the kidneys, the lymphatic system, the immune system (inflammatory tissue), the urinary tract, and the genital organs.