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Advance Garsin 60 cps.
€16.07 €18.90 -15%

Flower essences of 14 plants are suitable for all who suffer from nausea or anxiety when you travel. In addition, it helps the quality of sleep and Suppression of homesickness.

The combination of eleven flower essences is suitable for teens who experience a sense of desperation and anger, and believe that they are nowhere in the world or have problems in the relationship.

The combination of eight floral essences from Australia helps to release negative thoughts and unhealthy formulas in relation to money.

A mixture of seven floral essences from Australia is suitable, if you experience psychological exhaustion and pressure, you need to strengthen your intuition or deepen your meditation.

Emotional and physical relaxation, it will bring you the general essence of Purification, which is suitable for feelings of overload.

The combination of seven colors helps a person cope with difficult situations, cope with fear and other unpleasant feelings. It is also suitable for long-term stress.

Join six floral essences, it's appropriate, in case you suffer from fatigue to burnout. This will help you find a natural balance, relaxation and tranquility.

The combined essence of trust not only strengthens self-confidence, but also helps you take responsibility for your own actions and not have a sense of guilt on foreign matters.

Combined essence Sexuality from Australian shrubs Flower essences are suitable for all who suffer from a feeling of intimacy or fear of intimacy.

The combined solar extracts are suitable for people who are afraid of fire. In addition, it can be used for sunbathing, namely reducing the negative impact of solar radiation.

Join seven flower essences is a good idea for those of you who need to encourage creativity and inspiration. It also gives you the courage to speak to a wider audience.

Flower essences with six plants are suitable for everyone who wants to improve their concentration. This is also suitable for handling feelings of confusion and poor coordination.

Join the ten flower essence will help you overcome emotional pain to better express your feelings or dissolve unhealthy patterns in relationships.

There are times when it's just too much. The combined extracts, soothing will help you calm down, giving you a sense of calm and relaxation. It is also suitable for hyperactive children.

This combined entity will help you more easily accept changes in life, relax and get inner peace. It is also suitable for those who suffer from the fear of death.

Joining ten floral essences will bring you peace and stability and contribute to creating a hormonal balance. This is also useful for those women who are not able to accept themselves and find their inner beauty.

The combined essences of the dynamics of life will give you a taste and enthusiasm for life. Suitable for all those who are tired of life and seek your direction.

€16.07 €18.90 -15%

Packing: 60 capsules Garsin Garsin is a natural product used to aid in weight loss. Contains a complex of active natural ...

Sunglasses have long been not just a fashion accessory, they protect our eyes from harmful UV radiation.

Sunglasses have long been not just a fashion accessory, they protect our eyes from harmful UV radiation.

 Manix Effect Lubricant 100 ml is a highly lubricious gel whose formula creates a gentle sensation of warmth for greater stimulation.

 Manix Infiniti Lubricant 100 ml does not dry and does not stick. This high-quality lubricant is based on silicone, its perfect composition provides a silky and very gentle sensation.

Manix Pleasure Vibes is a vibrant ring that allows you to invigorate your romantic evenings.

The Manix Natural Lubricant 100 ml with natural ingredients is adjusted to the pH of the skin and mucous membranes.

Manix Pure Intimate Lubricant 80 ml is a gel with high lubricity, which offers you extreme softness and maximum comfort during the night.

 Manix edible creamy massage gel Strawberry 200 ml is the ideal partner for your body massages. Its particularly creamy texture facilitates your movements for maximum gentleness and sensuality.

 Manix Aphrodisiac Massage Gel Ginger is the ideal partner for your body massages. Its particularly creamy texture facilitates your movements for maximum gentleness and sensuality.

Manix Skyn ​​Natural Feeling Lubricant 80 ml is a water-based intimate lubricant that moisturizes you, for a natural feeling.

Manix Skyn ​​Excite Orgasmic Gel 15 ml is a gel specially developed for women to stimulate the excitement.

Manix Intimate Strawberry Lubricant 80 ml is a high quality water based lubricant

Manix Skyn ​​Lubricant Maximum Performance 80 ml is a silicone-based intimate lubricant that provides long-lasting sexual effectiveness.

Manix Lubricant Strawberry 100 ml is a water-based gel with high lubricity and strawberry flavor.