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The Philips AVENT Natural Transparent Baby Bottle will make you so fast. Feeding from this polypropylene bottle is great for both you and your baby. The pacifier supports natural saturation similar to breastfeeding, thus allowing for easier combinations of breast and bottle feeding.

AVENT Natural baby bottle with a nipple. It contains a neonatal pacifier and a transparent cap. A tightly fitting lid prevents the contents of the vial from being filled and, therefore, does not require sealing. The bottle is equipped with a reduction ring to make sure that the bottle is functioning correctly.

AVENT Натуральная детская бутылочка с соском. Он содержит неонатальную соску и прозрачную крышку, которая предотвращает проливание жидкости. Инновационная двухклапанная система снижает риск колики. Бутылка не содержит БФА (бисфенол А). Совместим с другими продуктами Avent Natural.

260-mm baby bottle Avent guarantees you a natural way of feeding your baby from a bottle. Does not contain BPA.

The new bottle has a specially designed chest nipple for natural squeezing.


2 bottles of AVENT Classic + (125 ml) with additional soft neonatal nipples, 2 bottles of AVENT Classic + (260 ml) with additional soft soft dumbbells

Neonatal comforter (0-6 months, clear) dummy

Avent Natural glass bottle 240 ml. The bottle has a silicone pate and a protective cover. The content is 240 ml. The bottle contains a silicone nipple with a two-sided through hole. Does not contain BFA.

Powder milk dispenser. Irreplaceable assistant in the preparation of baby milk.

A safe product that meets all European standards for dealing with food. O% bisphenol A.

VIA trays contain 10 VIA cups with covers, and the VIA adapter can be connected to the suction cup.

VIA Cups and reusable screw caps are ideal for storing breast milk and baby food in a refrigerator or freezer.

The baby can be fed directly from the VIA cups.

Bottle Avent 120 ml of natural clear glass for feeding the baby from 0 months.

For storing baby food and drinks. At home, ready-made or purchased products are simply stored in a refrigerator or freezer, and then easily thawed and heated. The baby can be fed directly from the VIA cups. Ideal for feeding on the road and for the home environment.

 Closer to Nature, designed in co-operation with breastfeeding experts, mimics the flexibility, softness and movement of the mother's breast, making it easier to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

The new AVENT baby bottle guarantees a more natural diet for your baby. The milk sink maintains a natural saturation similar to breastfeeding, which makes it easier for your child to switch between feeding and bottle feeding.

Bottle AVENT CLASSIC + 260 ml (PP) without BPA - for infants with a nipple and a transparent lid. The bottle is made of polypropylene. The elastic edge of the nipple allows air to flow into the bottle. 2 pcs. Packaged.

The MAM ANTI-COLIC bottle with patented ventilation system reduces the number of cavities. It has a very pleasant velvet suede for children and an easy sterilization system.

The milk box consists of a bottom with 3 compartments and covers with 3 folding covers. The compartments are designed for large portions of milk (up to 40 g / compartment)

MAM Anti-colic 0+ months, blue 160 ml. The bottle reduces colic due to the bottom of the ventilation holes. The mosquito is made of silicone, which is extra velvety soft and adds a sense of intimacy. Facilitates the transition from breastfeeding to a bottle. It is suitable for all Mam bottles and mugs with a wide throat.

3 in 1 bottle + heater + charger for heating, color yellow 240 ml

Natural Bottle Feeding - developed with more than 25 years of clinical experience, the new Philips AVENT Natural Bottle is designed to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Very popular Avent Starter Kit - now also in the new NATURAL line. Optimal aid for switching to bottle feeding. Thanks to the natural shape of the pacifier, the suction is much simpler and allows the combination to also include a lid that prevents spillage.

 A unique 260 ml bottle of baby has a specially designed breast-shaped breastplate for natural fitting with petal-shaped inner holes. The ergonomic shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold even for the small hands of your child. The tightly fitting lid prevents pouring of the contents of the vial and therefore does not require sealing caps. Without harmful parabens and phthalates.

 Bottle with 1m +. Content 260 ml. It contains a 1m + (2 holes) and a transparent lid. Natural Bottle Feeding - Developed with more than 25 years of clinical experience, the new Philips AVENT Natural Bottle is designed to combine breastfeeding and feeding from a bottle.

 Baby bottle and 2-in-1 cup AVENT 150 ml. It contains a neonatal pacifier, a transparent cap and handles. 
The bottle does not contain BPA (Bisphenol A). Content 150 ml. The bottle contains the Avent Airflex Natural pacifier. 
Suitable for children from 4 months.

MAM Glass Feel is made of high-quality, heat-resistant premium glass. Suitable for the youngest children from birth.

 Láhev MAM ANTI-COLIC s patentovaným systémem větracích otvorů snižuje výskyt kolik. Má pro děti velmi příjemnou sametovou savičku a snadný systém sterilizace.

Very popular Avent Classic + Starter Kit. In practical packaging, you have everything you need, so the transition from feeding to feeding from a bottle will be easy. It does not contain BPA. It is compatible with Avent classic + products. Set is suitable for children 0 months.

The kit contains 2 x 150 ml bottles, 2 x 260 ml bottles, 1 x 0-6m silicone warmer and bottle and pacifier. The set is suitable for children from birth. Special Edition Tommee Tippee Closer to nature in pink.