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Cemio, Gravitest 3 ks
€2.66 €3.13 -15%

 A breastfeeding scarf designed to act as a part of the garment so you can feed your baby discreetly wherever you are. Very breathable material.

An easy test designed to detect antibodies to HIV-1 and HIV-2 from body fluids. The test is able to detect your condition within just 20 minutes. This is an entirely unique test to detect the presence of saliva antibodies. The test excels in 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity.

Self-priming stripping strips make it easier to measure glucose in complete capillary blood. They are easy to replace and easy to use. Thanks to the self-priming mechanism, they independently absorb the required amount of blood for measurement and immediately send a signal to the measuring device. You will know the results within five seconds..

Blood glucose meter without coding! Very easy to use - no need to calibrate the device using a coding chip - when unpacking each new package of test strips (test strips).

Highly efficient CONTOUR ™ Plus test strips. Test strips Contour plus are designed to measure glucose in a capillary sample of whole blood.

FreeStyle Optium test strips allow you to easily and reliably determine the level of glucose in the blood. They are used with the Optium FreeStyle.

50pcs of high quality self-priming test strips for GlucoLab Glucometer at a great price. Result within 5 seconds.

Glucometer with simple control, accurate measurement and control of ambient temperature in an elegant package with a collection handle and a set of 25 lancets. Distribution of results: before and after meals or after moving. Glucometer GlucoLab + 25 strips from the category Other High-quality glucometer GlucoLab in a package of 25 test strips.

Test strips for measuring glucose levels.

A set of test strips of 50 pieces of high-quality test strips EasyGluco with proven accuracy in international certificates.

FreeStyle Lite Glycerin Strips are used with FreeStyle, FreeStyle Freedom, FreeStyle Mini, FreeStyle Lite and FreeStyle Freedom Lite to measure glucose (sugar) in complete capillary or venous blood samples. Test strips have a unique patented shape for easy aspiration.

CodeFree test strips are for SD Codefree only. Package contains 2 x 25 lanes. They are unique in their self-priming sensor. They contain information for automatic coding of the meter before measurement, so there is no need to calibrate the instrument with each package of strips.

Test strips for OneTouch Verio for measuring glucose levels in capillary blood. No need to encode on the meter.

The EasyTouch 3v1 cholesterol meter is a device for measuring cholesterol, glucose and uric acid levels from a capillary blood drop.

A home CRP test helps to quickly and safely determine whether an infection is bacterial in the body, and it makes sense to use antibiotics.

Food Detective ™ delivers results in 40 minutes. Food Detective ™ - simple, safe, accurate and fast - the world's first test for the self-diagnosis of food intolerance.

Fora Diamond test strips are diagnostic strips for Fora Diamond Prima, Mini and iDiamond blood glucose meters. With all these devices, you can use one or two diagnostic strips conveniently and without unnecessary worries.

The number of people who find it hard to digest gluten is increasing. Symptoms may not be noticeable.

Do you often suffer from flatulence or bloating? Do you have problems with frequent diarrhea? You can not lose weight? These symptoms may indicate gluten intolerance.

Check and find the cause of your difficulties. With the Veroval test, you will find the result in just 10 minutes.

Blood glucose meter with coding chip. Simple control - coding the chip provides current data in the device - when unpacking each new pack of test strips (test strips).

Glucometer FreeStyle Optium Neo minimizes possible interference from more than 60 common drugs and substances thanks to alternative collection points. The meter is not calibrated, and measurement begins only if sufficient blood is supplied. Individually packaged test strips serve to minimize contamination and the influence of external factors.

Highly efficient CONTOUR ™ Plus test strips. Test strips Contour plus are designed to measure glucose in a capillary sample of whole blood.

This device is designed to measure blood sugar levels. Suitable for personal use. Codefree - no coding

A simple blood glucose meter that helps you cope with diabetes. Contour PLUS requires very little blood. It has a large, clear, readable display, is convenient and very easy to use. All records (the last 480 measurements) are stored in the device’s memory and can be accessed at any time without encryption.

Test strips. Contour TS test strips are designed to measure glucose in a capillary whole blood sample. The electric current generated in the test strip in the reaction of the blood sample and the FAD enzyme glucose dehydrogenase is subsequently measured with a glucometer.

These test strips are designed for use with Wellion CALLA meters to quantify blood glucose levels in fresh, complete capillary blood. They can measure blood glucose levels in fresh, full capillary blood for 6 seconds and require very little blood.

The FreeStyle Optium test strips are used with Optium, Optium Xceed and FreeStyle Optium to measure glucose (sugar) levels in complete capillary blood.

Accu-Chek® Performa Meter is an accurate and easy to use meter. It is designed to measure in virtually any environment. The Accu-Chek® Performa blood glucose meter is easy to use, fast and reliable. properties

Glucometer Wellion LUNA Duo measures not only the level of sugar in my blood, but also the level of cholesterol. Wellion LUNA Duo can both.

A test for female sex or a female boy is a test for determining the sex of a child by urine before the sex of the child can be seen on an ultrasound examination by a doctor. Results from 10 weeks of pregnancy. Will it be a girl or a boy?

GS Ovultest is a quick ovulation test that you can do yourself. It detects an increased level of luteinizing hormone (LH), which occurs in the urine shortly before ovulation. This allows you to reliably determine your fertile days and increase the chance of getting pregnant.

Accuracy over 99% - easy to use - clear result

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test - Set of the Most Effective Ovulation Tests