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Sanomed Belt Protect.Lumbostyle Medi

The brace is designed to fully fix the ankle joint

Achilles tendon band Achimed Medi with silicone reinforcements.

Three-dimensional shaped two-band bandage in light plantar flexion

 Light knit bandage made of breathable material

 With a strap stabilization system

Three effects on functional treatment of ankle injury

For primary treatment of collarbone fractures

 Knitted active bandage with antibacterial treatment

Light anatomic knitted active bandage with increased fixation

Supports muscle balance during lateral lining

GenuTrain A3 is an active dressing for the complex treatment of knee problems (Anti Arthos Algos).

Easy anatomical knitted active knee orthosis with side dural tires with antibacterial treatment.

Elastic tissue (compression: 15-20 mmHg / 20.1-27 hPa) to ensure proprioception.

Elastic heat protection of the knee with cotton content.

 MalleoTrain S is a new knitwear bandage - a very flexible, breathable, sweeping sweat with effective compression and comfortable wearing. The semi - rigid strap stabilizes the ankle in both pronation and supination. Bandage is an alternative to taping.

Lightweight ankle bandage made of breathable, body-colored material, comfortable for the skin. It is produced in six sizes.

Ankle Elastic Bandage

MalleoTrain - knitted two-band dressing in a light functional plantar flexion.

For increased stability and safety of the ankle joint

With a viscoleastic peloton in the area of ​​the achilles tendon

New bandage of ankle joint with viscoelastic integrated pelots with medial and lateral sides.

Elastic bandage protect.Leva strap in new design designed to strengthen the ankle joint.

Relief and stabilization of the periarticular tissues of the elbow joint by an anatomically shaped knit two-band bandage.

With the possibility of adjusting the underbelt circumference banding

 Flexible clavicle bandage on the principle of a combination of eight bandage and the function of Delbet's circles. Removable lower belt allows insertion into all lumbar belts.

 Light neoprene shoulder bandage

 Made of breathable material with effective arm fixation

Conservative and postoperative treatment for humeral fractures

 Active shoulder bandage, breathable material, silicone pelotta

 Femoral neoprene bandage with possibility to adjust the thigh circumference band.

 Compression support, elastic fixation cloth

Elastic bandage serves as a simple wrist stabilizer with a simple way of being used. The bandage is made of elastic breathable microfibre material. Velcro fastener.

Lightweight neoprene bandage with easy fit and Velcro fastening

Neoprene wound bandage type 'Boomerang' with an inch hole, stabilizing hand position without strengthening of the palms using neoprene elasticity. Velcro fastener.

 A short, lightweight textile bandage that provides pleasing wrist support

Manumed® active is adapted to the wrist joint in the form of knitwear. On the inside, it has a stiffening that can be customized individually.

 Rigid wrist banding with duralumin reinforcement.

With an innovative frame construction

 Light and elastic neoprene hip belt with double pull, easy application and thermal effect. Simple and firm Velcro closure, adherence to the spine provides additional neoprene thrust in the back.

The elastic straps act in the direction of the muscle tension, the elastic support with the reinforcement

Anatomical cut releases rib area.

Anatomical cut releases rib area.

With four integrated anatomically shaped palms on the back

 The Lumbamed Disc is a lumbar support belt with an adjustable stabilization system.

Belly elastic brace with reinforcements and lumbar massage peloton.

Neoprene hip belt with metal straps with velcro fastening, complete with circular reinforcing strap for excellent support of the lumbar spine

Classic hip belt with four plastic back stiffeners and velcro fastener. It is made of elastic microfiber material. 
Belt height 24 cm.

Breathable lumbar bandage with anatomically shaped metal reinforcements. It significantly relieves the area of ​​the lumbar spine and supports the back muscles. It alleviates pain even when stretching the muscles. Easy Velcro closure.


 Belly belt made of compressible material with 4 integrated stabilizing stiffeners. Using tightening circular strips that cause compression in the abdominal area and support the muscles of the torso, we achieve relief of the lumbar spine and consequently relieve pain. The belt height is 26 cm.

The ProAction hip belt with a special two-part back fastening system. This enables the spine to have excellent back pressure to support the spine, with the possibility of dosing this pressure to the needs of the customer.